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Mission And Tours


Individuals can join Apostle Ezinne on a short Mission trip under the Face of Joy International Charity. The umbrella Charity that goes to the Nations to help the less privileged through, Education, Healthcare and poverty alleviation schemes. Individual s have to sponsor themselves or raise funds to help them cater for their travel expenses. There are always mission travels throughout the year. If you are interested to join any of the mission trips, do send an email for a Mission Pack.


Engaging in global missions will enable participants learn about issues affecting our world and the countries we are invested in. You will have a first-hand view of things on ground in the nation you visit. You will have the opportunity to travel to places and learn culture and hospitality.


On our tours, we always provides a prayer guide tailored for the nations we visit, this prayer juide is culled and adapted from the book called Prayer Jumpstart. Every individual who sign up to go will be emailed a copy to start interceding for the journey.


Everyone is expected to pay for their travel means during Missions, we often encounter a lot of financial needs on our journey. Supporting a long term missionary or organisation like ours; whose mission you believe in will help us take the gospel to the nations of the world. Making regular donations help keep our mission trips constant and available for those who desire such experience.


Helping us share your experience in Mission and advocate for issues, needs, people and places will enable us spread the work we are doing.


We understand that some people find it difficult to engage in travels but are willing to sponsor someone who want to travel but have no means to travel, which is what we encounter regularly, making a donation to support or sponsor a missionary will go a long way to ease the burden we experience.

We have the following missions in 2019

March: Mexico

April- Greece

May- Kenya

May- Uganda

June: Atlanta Georgia

June: Seoul Korea

July- Ghana

September- India

November: Greece