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Our Workshops

Face of Joy International holds a variety of free workshops in the community at different times in the course of the year in line with its focus areas of healthcare, education and poverty alleviation.

Health Awareness Workshops

Join us for our free Health Awareness Workshops which will run once a week over the course of 6 weeks for each group. At the end of the 6 weeks, all attendees will receive certificates of attendance for keeps.
Topics to be covered during the 6 weeks are:

Free Photography Sessions

Join us for one of our 3 Photography Sessions which will be held at different times throughout the project.
At the end of the 3 hours session you will:

Free Personal Training Sessions

Join us on any of our Personal Training Sessions which will begin holding in the middle of August for a 20 week period. Our qualified volunteers will support you over that period.

Free Art Exhibition

Face of Joy International presents free Art Exhibition which run at specific times during Black History Month.
At the end of a session, you will:

All scheduled events will be posted in the upcoming events section of our website.